About Us

Welcome to this page which will give you a bit if background as to who we are and what we do.


Miles Ashworth

The would be artist!
a.k.a. Miles Ashworth


A Passion for Birds

Where does the passion for birds come from? It started while I was at boarding school in the UK. Sunday field trips allowed me to get away from the school grounds for a short while.

Trekking across fenlands on a bitterly cold winter's day is not everyone's idea of paradise but seeing migrating swans fly in from Scandinavia or a barn owl swooping by - well I was hooked.

I am not a full blown twitcher, but I do have a pair of binoculars in the car and if the fantails are flitting about outside my window I really struggle to get on with my work !


A Passion for Art

This developed a little later in life. If I had to pick a turning point, it would probably be a trip to the Museum d'Orsay in Paris and seeing some of the wonderful french art, particularly the impressionists.

These days I can't go past an art gallery without calling in (I can hear the groans of my children in the back of the car as I write this "not another art gallery" - one day they will understand!).

I try to paint and I know just how difficult it can be to transfer our interpretations into paint or sculpture. I remain full of admiration for those who can produce finished works which capture the moment or the essence of a bird.


So why Bird Art ?

I have a background in marketing and in particular I understand the webspace and the use of the internet for marketing. I have also done some major computer programming and system development.

Combine this with my passion for Birds and Art, turn the handle and out pops Bird Art International !

As I am probably not going to make it as an artist, why not try to make some money out of my passion and on the way help artists to earn a bit themselves while promoting their work to an audience that will appreciate it?

and International ?

The internet knows no international boundaries so why restrict ourselves. Expats often like artwork in their overseas homes and if a New Zealander living in London wants a painting of a Kereru (Wood Pigeon) lets give them that opportunity.

Having said that, my feelings at this stage is that the majority of sales will be to local buyers so that is why I included a buy now button for local sales.


We or I?

Presently, it is just me, Miles Ashworth, and all the opinions expressed are mine.

I know that I use "We" quite often in the copy on the website but at some stage soon I hope I will need an administrator to do some of the work for me!


Artwork International Limited

Artwork International is a limited company registered in New Zealand. It that owns and operates BirdArtInternational.com and has several other art websites planned.