Save Pengu

Little Stilt

Save Pengu

Description: This New Zealand Little Blue penguin is often caught in a vunerable state, where floating rubbish hooks them up and kills them. I wanted to capture this bird in tranquil, and vunerable moment, enhancing the fact that their lives are fragile, and we must help to protect them - by loving our ocean beaches and living creatures. This is an engraving on a shellac board coated with printmakers ink, wiped back and put through a press.

$200.00 NZD

  Status: Available
  Bird's Country: New Zealand
  Media Printing inks
  Style Other
  Category Prints
  Size (Height x Width) 300mm x 230mm
11.8" x 9.1"
Local Postage and Packaging $15.00 NZD

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