South Island Tomtits (Ngirungiru) amongst Ferns

Waxeyes in Kowhai

Tui in Flight

Korimako (Bellbird) and Kowhai Ngutu Kaka (Kakabeak)


South Island Tomtits (Ngirungiru) amongst Ferns

Description: I have often been asked to paint Tomtits for commissions. Everyone who is lucky enough to see this rare bird in the wild thinks they are such cute little birds with their over-size heads!

These two are the South Island sub-species, Petroica macrocephala macrocephala, known as Ngirungiru in Maori. They have the characteristic creamy yellow breast particular to the South Island Tomtit. They are patiently looking for insects amongst the ferns near the forest floor, interlaced with my own design

$380.00 NZD

  Status: Available
  Bird's Country: New Zealand
  Media Watercolour
  Style Realism
  Category Painting
  Size (Height x Width) 380mm x 240mm
15" x 9.4"
Local Postage and Packaging $30.00 NZD

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