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This page gives you some reasons why you shoud consider using this website to sell your art.

The next page Artist Selection tells you what we are looking for and the criteria we apply before a painting is approved for display.

And the there is the process step which details what needs to happen.


The Artists Home Page

Thank you for reading this far. We know that you can choose from a large number of opportunities to display your artworks and are pleased that you are checking us out.

We can make a great commercial reasoning as to why you should sell through us but we want to offer more than that.

Artists put a little bit of themselves into every work of art they create and it is really important to us that we reflect this to the buyers.

We would like to build a community of artists who we feel proud to represent and who enjoy working with us. The internet can be fairly impersonal medium but it is also very powerful and we would like to free you from worrying about that side of things to allow you to concentrate on your art.

Our primary goal is to bring Artists and Bird Lovers together, because as much as the money is nice to have, it is the feeling that our artwork is appreciated that really counts.


Launch bonus - first 10 artists to sign up.

If you are prepared to put up 3 works of art and are one of the first 10 artists to sign up, then the first work of art you sell through the website will be free of all service charges - yes that even includes credit card processing charges. Even if the first sale takes several months it will be free of all charges.

All we ask is that all the items are available exclusively for sale through the website for a period of three months (which is standard for all works of art on the website).

There is just one small conditions on this - the artworks must meet our required quality standard!

and if you are not in the first 10..

For a limited period, we are going to give 50% off the service charges on the first sale for any new artist who has missed that deadline but puts up 3 works of art. Same conditions apply as above.

Contact us today - 09 425 4901 and ask for Miles

Why use Bird Art International to sell your artworks?

As an artist you can choose from any number of options - you can sell through galleries, from your own studio or website or auction sites such as Ebay or Trademe.

Here are some business reasons why you should consider us.

Using Bird Art you will

Let me explain what this means.

Maximising your exposure to a defined target market: We are internet marketers and will use all the tools of the trade to promote the website, to get high rankings for relevant keywordsand to build a list of people interested in bird art.

Building relationships with potential customers - the Newsletter: We will produce an informative monthly newsletter showcasing new works of art. Bird watchers and twitchers have good networks set up to communicate with each other (you would be surprised how quickly they turn up at the location of a rare bird!) and we hope that they will also pass this newsletter to their friends - (this process is known as viral marketing). By receiving a regular newsletter, when they want to purchase an artwork they will be know that Bird Art is a reputable site.

Cost effective: the commission rates are considerably lower than those offered by galleries and yet your works will be exposed to a much larger audience and an audience that has an interest in the subject matter.

Advertising and PR: We will advertise in relevant magazines to drive traffic to (make people want to look at) the website. Look out for our advert in the May 2009 Forest and Bird* magazine. We will be delving into birding blogs to find ones that might provide useful traffic to the website.

*The F & B rate card says: "Members of the society come from predominately higher socio-economic categories and have high levels of disposable income." - an ideal target market

Online services: No need to hassle about setting up online payment facilities - you can use ours. Added to this the Escrow style service which eases concerns about the handling of money for both buyer and artist.

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