Artist setup

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There is no obligation at this stage for you to do anything further.


How to become one of our artists

There are no upfront costs for an artist!

We have tried to make this process as simple as possible while maintaining a few checks that could save a lot of problems later on.

Initially you may have found this website by a friend referring you to it, you saw on advert or we saw your work and sent you an invitation to have a look.

We are really pleased you have made it this far. We explain each of the following steps in more detail down further down the page:

The steps:

  1. Sign up to our artists list (on the left hand side)
  2. Pre-application screening (optional) - if you are an established artist you may want to skip this step and if we have sent you an invitation to join we have already pre-screened you.
  3. Set up your artist details
  4. Set up your first artwork(s)
  5. We review the entries and approve them and your artworks are available for sale.
  6. Someone buys or enquires about the artwork


1. Sign up to our artists list:

On signing up to the newsletter, you will receive an email asking you to confirm you want to sign up.

You will then receive another email which will detail the steps required to start getting on line with Bird Art International. It will have a number of hyperlinks that you can click on to get the process underway.

You will be added to our monthly newsletter that we send to all artists who have registered with us.

You will also be signed up for the monthly newsletter that we send to our potential buyers. This shows a selection of the latest artworks added, new artists and is designed to get visitors to return to the website.

The sign up form is over to the left.

We only want to send information to people who have requested it and thus we use this double confirmation process. It ensures we are not illegally spamming people. We also do this for people (potential buyers) who want to receive the monthly newsletters.

2. Pre-application screening:

As with any gallery, there is a little bit of work involved in getting your biography together. This pre-application screening allows you to know that you will be accepted when you submit work.

Click this link to send us an email with good quality photographs of 2 or 3 artworks you have produced and we will give you feedback.


3. Set up your Artists details:

Have a look at any of the artists pages to see the details you will need to provide.

In the future you will click the link in the 2nd email to set up an account for you and then add your details. You can also just logon with the details you supplied to sign up for the newsletter and when you are happy with it, you will submit it for review.


Until we complete that part, please send your information through to You can attach the document as an attachment or cut and paste information in. If you already have a biography elsewhere, maybe on another website, you could even give the link to us and we can write your biography for you.

For large photos - please make sure that each email has less than 1Mb of attachments or it may not get delivered. Send as many emails as you like.

Please do not worry too much about the words that you send to us. We can rewrite it for you if needed.


4. Set up your artworks:

Have a look at some of the individual artwork pages to see the details you will need to provide.

As above, in the future, from your artist record you will select to edit an artwork or add a new one. When you are happy with your entry - submit it for review. Add another artwork until they are all added. In the future as you complete new works that you want to add, you can logon to your artist page and add new artworks.

Until we complete this part, please send your information through to


5. Review of entries:

We review the entries you have made according to our quality guidelines. We will do this within 2 working days of it being submitted (usually faster). If we require further information, we will send you an email.

We may also change the wording slightly to make it easier to read and to make it work better in the search engines.


6. Enquiry or purchase of the artwork:

When a buyer decides to buy an artwork they have 2 options.

If they are local, they can select the Buy Now button and make a payment via the Escrow style service.

Alternatively they can make an enquiry through the website to the artist. They might want to get more information about an artwork. Or to arrange alternative shipping or payment options. Or find out about shipping costs to an overseas destination. Go here for more information on overseas sales.