Artist Selection

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Selection Criteria for Artists

We believe it is really important that we a maintain a high quality of work for sale. Every work of art has to meet a set of criteria and these are set out below. Every piece is reviewed before it gets displayed on the website.

Artists put a little bit of themselves into every work of art they create and we want to reflect this to the buyers. The buyers themselves often want to know the story behind the artwork and they then relate this to their own experiences.

We want to establish long term relationships with artists and to work with the best artists we can find. We also want to encourage new talent. We are looking for artists whose artworks are appealing and therefore will sell.

Everyone has their own definition of art. The one we use is "Art is any piece of work that creates an emotional response in us". Somehow, the artist manages to transfer their feelings into the work and then those feelings are transferred on to the viewer. Great art does this and that is what we are looking for.


What types of artworks can be sold?...

We are looking for original pieces of work which incorporate a bird element in them. It can be a bird drawing, bird painting, ceramics, bird sculpture, glasswork. Almost anything which is unique.

Limited editions where the edition size is 12 or less can also be considered though it must be quite clear in the description that it is a limited edition. This really refers to print makers and castings of sculptures.

and styles?

Any style from photorealistic to surreal via traditional styles. It could be semi-abstract, aboriginal or maori. Just as long as it has something 'bird' about it.


What quality controls are there?

All works of art are reviewed before they are displayed on the website. There are 3 major considerations

  1. Does the artwork feature a bird in it and is it a significant feature of the work? A couple of seagulls in the background of a seascape will not count but a nearly abstract work depiciting flight might be OK. So please push the boundaries but be aware that they are there.
  2. Do the description and photographs do justice to the artwork?. The artwork will not be shown until these matters are rectified. The piece will not sell without good photographs of it so follow the photograph guidelines.
  3. Does the artwork have merit? Is it a piece of art - or just a bit of craft? Does it capture something about the bird. Inevitably, sometimes it will come down to a personal opinion of the reviewer and the ultimate question is "Do we feel happy about selling this work?". We may end up rejecting the next Damian Hirst which will be tragic for us but we need to feel confident that the items will be suitable.

If you would like to be considered ....

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Not sure if you are good enough?

“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to
the less talented as a consolation prize.” Robert Hughes

We meet so many amateur artists who are extremely talented but who just don't have the confidence to show their work except at the local craft club show.

One of our motivations for Bird Art Internationaal is to help bring this talent out into the open.

Lets be honest, only a few artists are talented but if people are telling you you are good - why not listen to them.

The first step in the process is very simple and we will happily give you some feedback.

Please go to the process page