To make it easier for local buyers, we ask that a local postage and packaging cost - including insurance is included in the details for each artwork so the purchaser knows what they are going to pay.

Postage and Packaging/Shipping

A price for postage and packaging / shipping and insurance must be included for local sales.

For the purposes of sales on this website, local delivery is sales to people in the same country or in the case of the USA within the state or in Canada within the province.

Outside of these areas a quote will need to be obtained, normally by the artist, prior to the agreement to complete the sale.

Postage or courier costs are based on size if they are bulky but light like a large canvas. For sculptures they will be based on weight and volume. You will need to know these measurements before contacting a courier company.

You will also need to consider the costs of packaging materials especially if a wooden packing case is required. The time taken to package the item should also be included in your calculations.

For New Zealand based Artists, we have found Adam Waterhouse of A2 Logistics to offer a comprehensive freight service. You can or call him on 021 659 699.



We recommend that insurance is obtained for the shipping of the goods. Some couriers provide cover up to a pre-specified amount but the Artists must check this out to ensure they are adequately covered.

For New Zealand based Artists, we have found Barbara Campbell of Barabara Campbell and Associates offers a good service in this area. You can or call her on 09 425 8051.


Duties, Local Taxes and Customs requirements

For sales across international borders, the purchaser will usually be responsible for payment of any import duties and local sales taxes or biosecurity costs that may apply to the goods on arrival in their country.

Courier companies can advise on suitable packaging materials. For example, New Zealand has very strict biosecurity regulations These means certain types of packaging materials (straw for example) and goods are not allowed to be sent.

Framing and Sizes

The description of the artwork should include a description of any framing. In general it would be expected that a painting will be offered unframed.

Prints or watercolours may well be mounted on board. Include the size of the mount in the description. The size of the artwork should exclude the mount.